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Notarial Translation and Interpreting

Notarial Translation and Interpreting

 When you need notarial translation/interpreting:
Translation Notarization:
  • Personal documents (for the obtaining of visas, work permits, for marriage with a foreigner, adoption, etc.)
  • Documents of foreign legal entities for their use in the RF for official purposes (charters, powers of attorney, minutes, etc.)

Notarial Interpreting:

  • Presence of an interpreter at a notary office when a notarial action is performed by a foreigner who doesn’t speak Russian (e. g. when a foreigner wants to issue a power of attorney in Russia). The content of the document being notarized is interpreted to the foreigner and the interpreter signs the document.

Why VOX notarial translation is expedient and convenient for you:

  • Price for translation notarization doesn’t depend on the number of pages or translation language – it’s a single price per one document.
Prices for Translation Notarization:
Translation Notarization euro/doc
 All Languages  11,00 €

 Prices for Notarial Interpreting:

Interpreting Language euro/h
English  32,00 €
German, French, Spanish, Italian 45,00 €
other languages for which translation services are provided from 45,00 €