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Consecutive Interpreting

VOX interpreters:

  • work strictly within their area of expertise, as only proficiency in industry-specific vocabulary and understanding of the essence of processes allows to provide efficient interpreting support on the spot
  • have good communication skills and pleasant appearance, which is highly important for an interpreter, as he/she is a direct participant of communication
  • can work on-site, at any location in Russia and abroad, including interpreting at production facilities, constructions sites, etc. 

We do consecutive interpreting:

  • at business negotiations, meetings, presentations
  • at litigations involving foreign legal entities and individuals
  • at personal escorting of your foreign partners including meeting at the airport 
  • remotely – by phone or Skype 
  • and in any and all other possible situations of business and personal nature

 Prices for Consecutive Interpreting:

Interpreting Language euro/h euro/day*
English 32,00 €  220,00 €
German, French, Spanish, Italian 45,00 €   290,00 € 
other languages for which translation services are provided from 45.00 € from 290.00 €

* day - 8-hour working day

** Minimum order for interpreting - 3 hours





Synchronous Interpreting

Synchronous interpreting done by VOX:

  • synchronous interpreting "by ear" - the interpreter hears the speech via a headset and interprets almost simultaneously with only a split-second delay, without any pauses or prior preparation. As a rule, it’s done by two rotating interpreters working by 20-30 minutes
  • synchronous interpreting "at sight" – the interpreter receives the text of the speech in advance and interprets based on this text introducing the required corrections, if the speaker deviates from the prepared text
  • chuchotage (whisper interpreting) is used when only one person needs interpreting and the use of special equipment is unpractical. The interpreter sits near the listener and whispers the interpretation into his/her ear. Chuchotage is used both at large-scale events (conferences, seminars, etc.) and at business meetings and negotiations with a small number of participants

 Prices for Synchronous Interpreting

Interpreting Language euro/h euro/day*
English 42,00 €  300,00 €
German, French, Spanish, Italian 55,00 €  370,00 € 

* day - 8-hour working day