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Welcome to VOX
Translation Agency!

 What are the main difficulties you face when working with translation agencies? 

  1. You aren’t satisfied with the quality, because the translator doesn’t know the peculiarities of your business good enough
  2. Translators violate deadlines  

 VOX solves both problems at a time. To our clients, we offer: 

Corporate Translators Team

We assign a team of several permanent corporate translators to our regular clients. You always work with the same specialists who constantly improve the specialized vocabulary relevant for your sector, going deeper and deeper into the peculiarities of your business and thereby improving the quality of translation every time.


Deadline Compliance Warranty

We understand that violation of translation deadlines may cause serious problems for a client, up to direct financial losses. Therefore we’re ready to compensate you up to 100% translation cost in case of unauthorized delays. Deadline Compliance Warranty and compensation terms are stipulated in the Translation Services Agreement. 


VOX is:

a team of professional translators and interpreters from different countries, the majority being native speakers
proofreading of specialized translations by technical editors
reasonable prices from 8.30 euro for legal and economic translations, from 5 euro for personal documents, 12 euro translation notarization
24/7 order taking